My White Sleigh in the summer time.  Joly Elf gets around quite nicely during the warmer months.  If you see the Joly Elf license plate, give Santa a big ole wave HI.

Joly Elf license plate in Decatur -IN-White Dodge pickup - Santa Claus

Joly Elf is my License Plate in Decatur on my White Dodge pickup that I drive year around in the Ft Wayne/Decatur IN area.  I call it my White Sleigh.  Even tho there are no reindeer pulling it, I can get  anywhere I need to be whether it's summer or winter.  So, if you see me in my White Dodge pickup sporting the Joly Elf License plate, give Santa Claus a honk and a wave 'Hi'.  

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night"....

Jolly Ole Elf, LLC in Decatur

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Jolly Ole Elf, LLC