Sometimes during the off season, Santa likes to go camping with Mrs Claus.  If you see the Head Elf license place, give Santa a wave HI.

HEAD ELF Motorhome License Plate-Santa Claus-Decatur-IN

Wave and say 'Hi'.

 HEAD ELF is my Motor Home License Plate in Decatur on my Coachman Freelander Motor Home that I drive mainly in the Summer time in the Ft Wayne/Decatur IN area.  Occasionally I'll take it out across the USA for fun and adventure.  Even tho there are no reindeer pulling it, I can get  anywhere I need to be, as long as the weather is cooperative.  So, if you see me in my Motor Home sporting the Head Elf License plate, give Santa Claus a honk and a wave 'Hi'.  


Jolly Ole Elf, a real bearded Santa, for hire in Decatur and the Ft Wayne area.